TOPIC: The NFL and EA exclusive licensing agreement
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Hell even after doing so, it doesn't keep up with the new album. Once Mut 20 coins you break the record before the seasons over, a pet peeve of mine, and they never mention you adding to the document. Or if you split next season to it they announce the record breaking for most in a game, though you haven't reached. Additionally when it is mentioned by them, they cite the record you broke. When I broke the single season rushing TD record they mentioned it but when I did it they mentioned it in the stat at which I originally beat it. So it did not even mention the TD record that is brand new.

I'm afraid to play MUT since when I attempt to play my online franchise together with my pals, I get kicked off the servers around 8 times each game, then if I get disconnected right at the end of Madden nfl, it doesn't save and I must restart. I know I'd never make it in MUT. I love madden due to its graphics and they design of how to play, but even to this day, NCAA was my #1 choice due to how madden's out of game attributes are set up.Seriously, I'd say that my real favorite feature is being able to play only offense or defense. It shortens the amount of matches but there's days where I wan na play with with D or toss the ball. MUT was tried by me but I couldn't get to it. MUT ain't it although I am the type that would grind it out and make my cards. Doesn't really feel personal franchise that is like will. Than I would MUT, I get way more attached to my players in franchise.

I recently went back and played with Madden 09 and I loved the comment with John Madden & Chris Collingsworth. Hell also Chris does replay and reveals you open recipients and why you left a bad choice throwing into triple versus single policy.2k has had what pretty much amounts to exclusive rights due to how awful NBA Live continues to be, yet I feel as Madden nfl (usually) gets much better and more immersive year-to-year. I hate to keep banging the drum that is 2k, and it is far from an ideal franchise - cough microtransactions cough - but whatever they're doing is consistently ahead of Madden. It feels just like Madden is moving backward.

There is no competition. There are any other soccer games at all. MLB The Show has competition in games like Super Mega Baseball. If you want a football game it got to become Madden, which is a issue. The NFL and EA exclusive licensing agreement ought to be prohibited, as if any exclusive licensing agreement that is comparable to it.

You may be on to something. It creates a monopoly of sorts on the football simulation market to buy Madden 20 coins. You are right about the money. The very best approach is more competition. Competition raises product quality and lowers costs. Econ 101. It sucks that EA has exclusive right to Star Wars. So many games could be made. Is since they have incentive prevent the improvement of games. Once 2K made football games as well, they had to try to become better every year to market more than another franchise. With no competition, they're guaranteed a certain number of sales, and they understand it.
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