TOPIC: And that I don't care about the AC stuff
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And that I don't care about the AC stuff. I already stopped playing it a year ago. It was great while it lasted. I just was speaking about the port and how individuals in here view ports.

Hey I do not deny that, I just hate that it this is how the game is being handled. Had I known this was how it was gonna be, and that I would have to wait years before we even got Nintendo new things in game, then I would have skipped this game. I used my very last voucher on it and I regret it. Pokemon Sword and this AC game have instructed me not to preorder any sport ever again.If you want to know more about AC, you can visit

You're able to get these little usb dongles you stick in the dock which let you use pretty much any controller with it, Ive been using my own 3rd party ps4 controller and a ps5 one. Only downside is it's one controller per dongle but it's a nice choice to have and they're only about £15 a pop. BOTW and games like odyssey are EXPERIENCES you can dive into. You have much less in your control, more RNG, exploration etc.. (No danger to creature crossing naturally, the games look great)
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